[sane-devel] xsane: segmentation fault

René Rebe rene@exactcode.de
Sun, 05 Dec 2004 01:17:54 +0100


Martin Deppe wrote:
> Sorry, that I am so late ...

No problem at all ;-)


> Well, I hope it will help (you to help me) :-)


 > [avision] max_string_size:
 > Segmentation fault

Ouch. This bug was introduced in one of many recent feature additions to 
the driver.

I fix this in my "SVN" code and notify you when I finished implementing 
duplex scanning and thus have a new driver snapshot I can release 
(currently it is quite work-in-progress and I need to test flatbed mode 
again - currently I test sheetfeed ADF all the time).

The backend homepage is:


The updates files will be available here:


I think in one or two hours the duplex mode is implemented and the fix 
tested - but I notify you when I commit the next consistent state there.

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