[sane-devel] gt68xx bugreport

Iacopo Spalletti avvisi@spalletti.it
Tue, 7 Dec 2004 23:37:13 +0100

Alle 20:28, domenica 5 dicembre 2004, Henning Meier-Geinitz ha scritto:
> For a quick fix use sane-backends 1.0.15 or modify the source code of
> the development version like this:
> Edit backend/gt68xx_devices.c, search the entry for
> mustek_2448taplus_model, go down to the bottom of that entry and
> change 0 to GT68XX_FLAG_NO_STOP in the "Which flags..." line.
> Do "touch backend/gt68xx.c"; make; make install. Or, if you haven't
> installed from source before, ./configure; make; make install.
Thanks, mine works.
Seems that debian packages of libsane is affected by this bug. I'll report it 
to debian packager
Is this fixed in cvs?

Iacopo Spalletti
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