[sane-devel] Re: Canon FS2700F

Bram Van Steenlandt brampie@no-wackos.com
Sun, 12 Dec 2004 21:49:10 +0100


Problem is not yet solved, will try the backend you sent me on monday or 

little bit short in time

thanks a bunch already

regards bram

Ulrich Deiters wrote:

>Dear Bram,
>your problem might be related to the autofocus bug in the recent
>backend. The Canon team is trying to fix it, but the work is slow,
>because none of the programmers owns a FS2700, and we have to ask
>volunteers to test our software.
>I attach a tentative backend. Just unpack, overwrite the files
>in sane-backends/backend, and recompile.
>This backend works nicely for a FS2710, but I am still waiting
>for the test report for the FS2700. The scan speed control
>is certainly not OK.
>Ulrich Deiters