[sane-devel] "sheet feed" typo in SANE SPEC?

Olaf Meeuwissen olaf@epkowa.co.jp
Tue, 14 Dec 2004 13:08:00 +0900

Ren=C3=A9 Rebe <rene@exactcode.de> writes:

> although I already cut'n pasted the proposed type string "sheetfed
> scanner" into my Avision backend (years ago), I noticed today that
> "sheetfed" does not seem to be valid english. What my paper form as
> well as online dictionary know is "sheetfeed" or more precisely "sheet
> feed".

The scanner is fed sheets by the sheet feeder, hence a sheet fed
scanner.  Compare with handheld scanner.

> The string is not used often in the backends (avision.c, hpsj5s.c and
> matsushita.c).
> If we agree I could just commit to change the occurrences.

IMHO, these changes should not be committed although I don't mind if a
space or hyphen is put between sheet and fed.  FYI, aspell with a UK
English dictionary suggests these as alternatives (1) and (2), resp.
# (0) is sheeted, which is just plain wrong in this case.

Just my 2 yen.
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