[sane-devel] [genesy backend] some patches and a few questions

Gerhard Jaeger gerhard@gjaeger.de
Wed, 15 Dec 2004 15:07:00 +0100

On Wednesday 15 December 2004 07:50, St=E9phane VOLTZ wrote:
> - I have removed the parameter override in genesys_create_slope_table, an=
> changed a little the pow() computing, since my compiler produces buggy co=
> when 'j' is 0.
> http://perso.wanadoo.fr/septieme/MD6471/05_create_slope_params.patch
One more comment:
=2D in the patch, which I've now submitted to CVS, I moved the parameters g=
  start_speed back to inside the genesys_create_slope_table() as they're
  somewhat static.