[sane-devel] canon_pp backend problem

Thorsten Scherf tscherf@redhat.com
Fri, 17 Dec 2004 11:23:59 +0100

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I installed the lasted sane-backend tarball (1.0.15) and the
xsane-frontend (0.96). I commented out the canon_pp line in dll.conf
and build the binary files.

the canon_pp.conf look like:

ieee1284 parport0
calibrate ~/.sane/canon_pp-calibration-pp0 parport0
init_mode FB620P parport0 #(tried it also with AUTO)

after setting SANE_DEBUG_CANON_PP=3D100 and starting xsane,  I got the
following messages:

[root@kermit downloads]# /usr/local/bin/xsane
[gphoto2] init_gphoto2: error: serial:/dev/ttyd1 is not a valid gphoto2
port.  Use "gphoto2 --list-ports" for list.
[sanei_debug] Setting debug level of canon_pp to 100.
[canon_pp] >> sane_init(0xfee7078c, 0x8057568): sane-backends 1.0.15
[canon_pp] sane_init: >> ieee1284_find_ports
[canon_pp] sane_init: 0 << ieee1284_find_ports
[canon_pp] sane_init: 1 parallel port(s) found.
[canon_pp] sane_init: port parport0
[canon_pp] >> init_device
[canon_pp] init_device: [configuring options]
[canon_pp] init_device: configuring opt: num_options
[canon_pp] init_device: configuring opt: resolution
[canon_pp] init_device: configuring opt: colour mode
[canon_pp] init_device: configuring opt: bit depth
[canon_pp] init_device: configuring opt: tl-x
[canon_pp] init_device: configuring opt: tl-y
[canon_pp] init_device: configuring opt: br-x
[canon_pp] init_device: configuring opt: br-y
[canon_pp] init_device: configuring opt: calibrate
[canon_pp] init_device: done opts
[canon_pp] << init_device
[canon_pp] sane_init: ># Define which port to use if one isn't specified
- you should only have<[canon_pp] sane_init: ># one of these lines!<
[canon_pp] sane_init: ># This is the default port to be used - others
will be detected<
[canon_pp] sane_init: >ieee1284 parport0<
[canon_pp] sane_init: Successfully parsed default scanner.
[canon_pp] sane_init: ><
[canon_pp] sane_init: ><
[canon_pp] sane_init: ># Define the location of our pixel weight file,
can begin with ~/ if needed.<
[canon_pp] sane_init: ># You can have as many of these as you like -
lines with ports that don't exist<
[canon_pp] sane_init: ><
[canon_pp] sane_init: ># will be ignored.<
[canon_pp] sane_init: >#<
[canon_pp] sane_init: ># Parameters are:<
[canon_pp] sane_init: ># calibrate /path/to/calibration-file port-name<
[canon_pp] sane_init: >#<
[canon_pp] sane_init: ># The format of port-name is dependant on your OS
[canon_pp] sane_init: >#<
[canon_pp] sane_init: ># If a file isn't speficied, the default name
will be<
[canon_pp] sane_init: ># ~/.sane/canon_pp-calibration-[port-name]<
[canon_pp] sane_init: ><
[canon_pp] sane_init: >calibrate ~/.sane/canon_pp-calibration-pp0
[canon_pp] sane_init: calibrate line, calibrate ~/.sane/canon_pp-
calibration-pp0 parport0
[canon_pp] sane_init: Finding scanner on port 'parport0'
[canon_pp] sane_init: Found!
[canon_pp] sane_init: Parsed cal, for port 'parport0', weight file is
[canon_pp] sane_init: ><
[canon_pp] sane_init: ># calibrate /etc/sane/my_calibration parport1<
[canon_pp] sane_init: ><
[canon_pp] sane_init: ><
[canon_pp] sane_init: ># Enable the next line if you're having trouble
with ECP mode such as I/O<
[canon_pp] sane_init: ># errors.  Nibble mode is slower, but more
[canon_pp] sane_init: ><
[canon_pp] sane_init: >#force_nibble<
[canon_pp] sane_init: ><
[canon_pp] sane_init: ># Set a default initialisation mode for each
port.  Valid modes are:<
[canon_pp] sane_init: ># AUTO           (attempts to automatically
detect by trying both methods)<
[canon_pp] sane_init: ># FB620P (10101010 style.. also works for
[canon_pp] sane_init: ># FB630P (11001100 style.. also works for FB330P,
N340P, N640P)<
[canon_pp] sane_init: ><
[canon_pp] sane_init: >#init_mode AUTO parport0<
[canon_pp] sane_init: >init_mode FB620P parport0<
[canon_pp] sane_init: Parsed init.
[canon_pp] sane_init: ># init_mode FB630P parport0<
[canon_pp] detect_mode: Opening port parport0
[canon_pp] detect_mode: Claiming port.
[canon_pp] detect_mode: Port supports ECP-S.
[canon_pp] detect_mode: Using ECP-S Mode
[canon_pp] sane_init: >> initialise
[canon_pp] WARNING: Don't know how to reset an FBx20P, you may have to
power cycle
[canon_pp] Timeout: Scanner wakeup reply 1 (0x03 in 0x1f) - Status =3D
[canon_pp] Timeout: Scanner wakeup reply 2 (0x03 in 0x1f) - Status =3D
[canon_pp] Timeout: Scanner wakeup reply 1 (0x03 in 0x1f) - Status =3D
[canon_pp] Timeout: Scanner wakeup reply 2 (0x03 in 0x1f) - Status =3D
[canon_pp] Timeout: Scanner wakeup reply 1 (0x03 in 0x1f) - Status =3D
[canon_pp] Timeout: Reply 2 (0x0c in 0x1f) - Status =3D 0x1f
[canon_pp] initialise: could not wake scanner
[canon_pp] sane_init: << 1 initialise
[canon_pp] sane_init: Couldn't contact scanner on port parport0.
Probably no scanner there?
[canon_pp] << sane_init
[canon_pp] >> sane_get_devices (0xfee707c8, 0)
[canon_pp] << sane_get_devices
[canon_pp] >> sane_exit
[canon_pp] << sane_exit
[root@kermit downloads]#

and a gui popped up, that no scanner was found.

manually reseting the scanner does not help.

so, would be nice if any of you could help.

see you,

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