[sane-devel] Mustek BearPaw 4800TA ProII

T. K. Sharpless T. K. Sharpless" <TKSharpless@comcast.net
Sat, 18 Dec 2004 12:32:47 -0500

Hello sane-devel,

  Question for Picos Consulting:

  From what you know on the BearPaw 4800TA and its chipset, do you
  think it would be possible to build software for a totally new
  application of the scanner's works, namely a scanning panoramic
  camera?  I have had good luck doing that with scanners based on the
  LM983x chip, which is publicly documented at register level; but
  it is only USB1.1 and I want more speed.  The main things I have to
  do differently from a document scanner are to adjust motor steps
  per scanline and pixel readout (integration) time very finely over
  a wide range, and to supply special tables for per-pixel gain
  correction and for 16->8bit reduction ("gamma").

Thanks and best regards,
 T.                          mailto:TKSharpless@comcast.net