[sane-devel] snapscan: Support for BenQ 5150C

Oliver Schwartz Oliver.Schwartz@gmx.de
Sun, 19 Dec 2004 18:03:46 +0100


> I filled a Bug (#301085), but since there was no response, I'll try
> the mailinglist.

It wasn't assigned to me yet, so I didn't notice it. I've assigned it 

> [sanei_debug] Setting debug level of snapscan to 2.
> device `snapscan:libusb:001:007' is a Acer FlatbedScanner40 flatbed
> scanner

The new IDs missing in snapscan.h. You can try adding them yourself: 
around line 170, add a line
    {"FlatbedScanner40",    PRISA5300},

"PRISA5300" is just a shot in the dark, maybe "PRISA5000" works better 
for you. 

It's also possible that the ID changes after firmware upload. In this 
case you have to add another line with the second ID.

After changing snapscan.h, run "touch snapcan.c", "make" and "make 
install" again. 

Let me know if you have any problems or if you can get it to work with 
those simple changes. In case of problems, send me the complete debug 
output ("export SANE_DEBUG_SNAPSCAN=255") of whatever command you 
were running.