[sane-devel] Minolta Dual II: Only 3-bit colour with XSane

Mart van de Wege mvdwege@wanadoo.nl
Wed, 29 Dec 2004 19:45:25 +0100

Hiya folks,

I just got a Minolta Scan Dual II film scanner, as this is a fairly
common device on the 2nd hand market and well supported under sane
according to the supported devices list. It took a little work to set
up (I forgot Debian doesn't do a lot of auto-configuring), but it works
right now.

I have however a minor problem with it using Xsane: I get a nice
preview image, I can adjust colour and gamma values until I have a
good representation of my original photo, and when I hit 'Scan', XSane
proceeds to scan using only 1 bit per channel!

I have tried every setting imaginable in XSane itself, but no matter
what, I get 3-bit colour only. Weird thing is, doing a straight scan
using scanimage gives me a negative image, which I can edit using the
Gimp, during which it turns out to be full colour.

Unfortunately, this is a labour-intensive process. I would love to
have XSane just work(TM), as it is a lot easier to adjust colour in
its preview mode. Anyone have any idea why it stubbornly remains in
3-bit mode?

Software info (all version numbers from the Debian package database):
xsane          0.96-1
libsane        1.0.15-4
libusb-0.1-4   0.1.8-17
kernel         2.6.9


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