[sane-devel] problem connecting to saned over network

Jochen Eisinger jochen@penguin-breeder.org
Mon, 12 Jan 2004 09:55:39 +0100


the problem with "Address already in use" is probably caused by an
incorrect shell script. You cannot give option -d to saned in such a
script but have to execute saned without parameters. On
http://penguin-breeder.org/sane/saned/ an example is given.

The other problem you've stated is that you cannot connect to saned when
it is operated by xinetd. Do you mean that you cannot connect to it, not
even with telnet, or that xsane (for example) doesn't list any scanner?

I guess it's the later case. You're probably running saned as user
"sane" from xinetd. Please make sure that user "sane" has appropriate
access rights to your USB/SCSI/parport/whatever devices.

-- jochen