[sane-devel] sane frontend questions

Olaf Meeuwissen olaf@epkowa.co.jp
Wed, 14 Jan 2004 10:20:48 +0900

Andy Mitofsky <amitofsk@obiwan.csl.uiuc.edu> writes:

> When I try iscan-1.5.2, I get errors trying to make the frontends
> directory. My guess is that these errors have something to do with not 
> finding the esmodule directory. An excerpt of the errors is below.
> /usr/local/src/iscan/iscan-1.5.2/frontend/pisa_esmod_tool.cc:45:
> undefined reference to `Focus::operator new(unsigned)'
> /usr/local/src/iscan/iscan-1.5.2/frontend/pisa_esmod_tool.cc:45:
> undefined reference to `Focus::Focus[in-charge](tagIMAGE_SETTING*, tagFILTER_SETTING*,unsigned char)'
> /usr/local/src/iscan/iscan-1.5.2/frontend/pisa_esmod_tool.cc:50:
> undefined reference to `Focus::ReviseUSM(tagUSM_INFO*)'
> Does anyone have any suggestions? If you need more information, let me
> know. Thanks, Andy

If you insist on compiling from "source" with gcc-3.2 or later, please
get the correct tar-ball: iscan-1.5.2-1.redhat.8.0.tar.gz.

The C++ ABI changed a few times between 2.9x and 3.2 and the iscan
"sources" contain several closed C++ source based binary objects.  The
regular iscan-1.5.2-1.tar.gz is for g++-2.9x, the one mentioned above
is for g++-3.2 or later.

Hope this helps,
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