[sane-devel] Recommendation: Image deskewing

Mattias Kregert mattias@kregert.se
Thu, 15 Jan 2004 12:06:44 +0100

I guess most of you have the same problem as I had: how to deskew =
scanned images.

I use Leptonica, it is fast and free (as in free beer): Leptonica =
(leptonlib)  www.leptonica.com

It reads/writes pnm, jpg, png, bmp, detects angle and deskews, crops, =
scales, transforms, convolves, blurs, maps colors, draws, merges, =
enhances, despeckles, rotates, inverts, duplicates, emboss, oilify, =

More functions than pnm*/pbm*/pgm*/ppm*, uses less memory than =

If you need to deskew for free, then try this.