[sane-devel] HP Scanjet 3690 support

Mickael Profeta mike@alezan.org
Wed, 21 Jan 2004 11:50:47 +0100


>>  The logs are in http://www.alezan.org/hp3670/, in SnoopyPro binary format.  I 
>>tried to use usblogdump in Linux but it doesn't work very well for me.  I had to
>>analyze them in Windoze using SnoopyPro.
> I'll check later. I don't have a working Windows or WINE installation
> currently.

sorry about that, I manage to export once in xml format, but do not 
manage anymore???
I tried also to use  sniffusb-0.13, but the debugger (dbview) failed to 
connect (can not contact driver???). Maybe because I am using windows XP 
  Home, does someone know a workaround? Another usb sniffer?

> You can try that for testing. But this can't be used in the published
> version because control messages like that will confuse non-gl646
> scanners. That's the reason we use the descriptor to identify the
> chipset first and then send specific commands. That's not absolutely
> safe either but better then writing directly.

I will try to test this to see if we can get some informations...