[sane-devel] sane-umax backend works on Mac OS-X

Mattias Ellert mattias.ellert@tsl.uu.se
Fri, 30 Jan 2004 11:03:14 +0100

Oliver Rauch wrote:
> Hello.
> I just got the feedback that the sane-umax patch for Mac OS-X
> that is in the sane-cvs since 2004-01-12 does work. The user was
> able to do a scan with scanimage.
> He also sent a link to a sane-backends binary that includes the
> sane-umax patch:
> 	http://www.ellert.se/twain-sane/

Please note that these binaries were compiled with the (new version of) 
the pthread_cancel workaround patch attached to the bug report at:


The status of the bug report is "Pending", so hopefully the patch should 
go into CVS soon.

	Mattias Ellert