[sane-devel] How to configure sane, xsane, etc.

François Patte Francois.Patte@math-info.univ-paris5.fr
Wed, 9 Jun 2004 10:22:48 +0200


I am facing a big problem with xsane from fedora C1. (xsane-0.91-1):

1- I have a scanner Nikon LS-2000. The first person who ran xsane was not root
and it now impossible to change the owner and right of the device /dev/sg0.

This device has been set with owner didier and group root with permissions 600
and whatever root can do to change this is destroyed by the next use of xsane:
ownership, group and permission are reset as previously defined!!!! So nobody
but didier can use xsane and the scanner!

man sane-scsi :

 When  using  a  SCSI scanner, ensure that the access permission for the
       generic SCSI device is set appropriately.  We recommend to add a  group
       "scanner"  to  /etc/group  which  contains  all  users that should have
       access to the scanner.  The permission of the device should then be set
       to  allow  group read and write access.  For example, if the scanner is
       at generic SCSI device /dev/sg0, then the following two commands  would
       set the permission correctly:

              $ chgrp scanner /dev/sg0
              $ chmod 660 /dev/sg0

This is now impossible to do! Where are the configuration files responsible for
this awful behavior?

2- Even for didier the use of xsane is not easy: every time he asks for xsane he
has to accept the license and to wait about 10/15 minutes for the research of
peripherics.... And, worse, he has to wait also if he wants to use gimp: gimp
hangs on xsane plug-ins....

I would like to understand how this can happen and how to corrct this windows
like behavior: unix systems were done for many users, it is more and more
difficult to use them like this.

Thank you for attention.

François Patte

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