[sane-devel] OpticPro 4800P... plustek_pp kinda hangs.

Nathanael Noblet nathanaelnoblet@hotmail.com
Sun, 20 Jun 2004 17:30:41 +0000

   I'm running a RHEL 3 clone (tao-linux). I've upgraded my sane-backends to 
1.0.14, frontends to 1.0.12 and xsane to .91. I'm using plustek_pp in direct 
mode (with libieee1284). I can't seem to get any further along getting the 
scanner working. I've set the debug to max, but I don't know what it is 
doing. In both cases "xsane -d plustek_pp:/dev/parport0" and "scanimage -d 
plustek_pp:/dev/parport0" go through and seem to detect the scanner and stop 
at the CCD type I've included the debug log. What can I do?

When it gets to the last line below, it just sits there, with xsane, I don't 
get any more dialog boxes, CPU usages is about 90% for that one program 
regardless of whether it is scanimage or xsane.
[sanei_debug] Setting debug level of plustek_pp to 255.
[plustek_pp] PlustekPP backend V0.01-8, part of sane-backends 1.0.14
[plustek_pp] ># Plustek-PP SANE Backend configuration file<
[plustek_pp] ># For use with Plustek parallel-port scanners<
[plustek_pp] >#<
[plustek_pp] ><
[plustek_pp] >#<
[plustek_pp] ># user either [direct] or [kernel] to access the scanner<
[plustek_pp] ># when using [kernel], device specifies the device-node, which 
is created<
[plustek_pp] ># by the kernel-module loader (applies only to Linux)<
[plustek_pp] ># when using [direct], device is used to set the parallel-port 
base address<
[plustek_pp] ># or a device-name suitable for libieee1284, i.e. parport0<
[plustek_pp] >#<
[plustek_pp] >#[direct]<
[plustek_pp] >#device 0x378<
[plustek_pp] >#device /dev/parport0<
[plustek_pp] >#<
[plustek_pp] ># leave the default values as specified in /etc/modules.conf<
[plustek_pp] >#<
[plustek_pp] >#option warmup    15<
[plustek_pp] >#option lOffOnEnd 1<
[plustek_pp] >#option lampOff   120<
[plustek_pp] ># model override switch, mostly for cosmetic changes, if the 
[plustek_pp] ># does not work or could not work correctly<
[plustek_pp] >#option mov 7<
[plustek_pp] ><
[plustek_pp] >#<
[plustek_pp] ># example for accessing the scanner via libieee1284<
[plustek_pp] >#<
[plustek_pp] >[direct]<
[plustek_pp] >device parport0<
[plustek_pp] Decoding device name >parport0<
[plustek_pp] >option warmup    15<
[plustek_pp] Decoding option >warmup<
[plustek_pp] >option lOffOnEnd 1<
[plustek_pp] Decoding option >lOffOnEnd<
[plustek_pp] >option lampOff   120<
[plustek_pp] Decoding option >lampOff<
[plustek_pp] ><
[plustek_pp] >#<
[plustek_pp] ># example for accessing the scanner via the kernel module<
[plustek_pp] >#<
[plustek_pp] >#[kernel]<
[plustek_pp] >#device /dev/pt_drv<
[plustek_pp] >#<
[plustek_pp] >#option warmup    -1<
[plustek_pp] >#option lOffOnEnd -1<
[plustek_pp] >#option lampOff   -1<
[plustek_pp] attach (parport0, 0xbfffb140, (nil))
[plustek_pp] Device configuration:
[plustek_pp] device name   : >parport0<
[plustek_pp] direct I/O    : yes
[plustek_pp] warmup        : 15s
[plustek_pp] lampOff       : 120
[plustek_pp] lampOffOnEnd  : yes
[plustek_pp] model override: 0
[plustek_pp] ---------------------
[plustek_pp] drvopen()
[plustek_pp] ptdrvInit(0)
[plustek_pp] Init settings done
[plustek_pp] ScanData = 0x08054638
[plustek_pp] Assigning port handle 0
[plustek_pp] ptdrvOpen(port=0x0)
[plustek_pp] Try to claim the parport
[plustek_pp] Setting SPP-mode
[plustek_pp] Setting PS/2-mode
[plustek_pp] Setting EPP-mode
[plustek_pp] We're using libIEEE1284 I/O
[plustek_pp] Starting Scanner-Autodetection
[plustek_pp] ************ DETECTP48xx ************
[plustek_pp] ModelSet4800()
[plustek_pp] modelInitPageSettings()
[plustek_pp] A4 set
[plustek_pp] ModelSet4800() done.
[plustek_pp] P48xxInitAsic()
[plustek_pp] DacInitialize()
[plustek_pp] ImageInitialize()
[plustek_pp] IOFuncInitialize()
[plustek_pp] IOInitialize()
[plustek_pp] * using readfunction >fnEPPRead<
[plustek_pp] MotorInitialize()
[plustek_pp] ResetPort()
[plustek_pp] Test 0x55
[plustek_pp] Test 0xAA
[plustek_pp] Compare data=0x7f and status=0xf, port=0x0
[plustek_pp] p48xxReadWriteTest()
[plustek_pp] Found a 96001 ASIC at Reg 0x13
[plustek_pp] ModelSet4800()
[plustek_pp] modelInitPageSettings()
[plustek_pp] A4 set
[plustek_pp] ModelSet4800() done.
[plustek_pp] Moving 32 bytes to scanner, IODELAY = 0...
[plustek_pp] ... done.
[plustek_pp] p48xxCheck4800Memory()
[plustek_pp] Moving 1280 bytes to scanner, IODELAY = 0...
[plustek_pp] ... done.
[plustek_pp] Putting Scanner (ASIC 96001/3) into Idle-Mode
[plustek_pp] detectScannerConnection() returns 0.
[plustek_pp] p48xxSetupScannerVariables()
[plustek_pp] No ASIC 97003 found.
[plustek_pp] Status-Register = 0x8F
[plustek_pp] Scanner has Full/Half Stepping drive
[plustek_pp] CCD is SONY Type

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