[sane-devel] list

Major A andras@onepointfour.net
Tue, 22 Jun 2004 17:24:46 +0100

> Strange. Unfortunately, alioth still doesn't sent any administrative
> messages (e.g. about mail problems) to me and all mails to
> sane-devel-admin are bounced. So I don't know the reason.
> > Have there been any major events recently, especially related to the
> > Coolscan2 driver?
> There are two bugs assigned to you in the bug tracker :-)

Great. One is a mystery to me (the LS-5000 is definitely NOT supported
as it is, I'm working on it), the other is a patch (submitted
yesterday) that I've been looking for for a while...

Damn, why do things have to be in so many different places? Thanks for
resubmitting that Debian bug report over here.