[sane-devel] donation / scanner support

Florent Aide faide@alphacent.com
Thu, 24 Jun 2004 11:49:24 +0000

Hello list,

I have a Dell A920 (rebranded Lexmark X1150) that is currently marked on 
the website as not supported. Since I have two of these little things I 
am willing to donate one of them to the project in order to see scanner 
support for it.

How can I do that ? Is someone willing to accept this donation and work 
on the scanner part of the Dell A920 ?

The printer/scanner is new and in its box with everything (there just is 
no USB cable).

The donation would graciously be made by Alpha Centauri, we have already 
agreed upon it internally.

Best regards,

Florent AIDE
Alpha Centauri