[sane-devel] check-usb-chip request for help

Ioan-Cosmin Pop picos132004@yahoo.co.uk
Fri, 25 Jun 2004 12:16:27 +0100 (BST)

  I looked again over the windows sources and I found
that I was mistaken. I want to identify the chip so I
was trying to use usb_bulk_write to send an array of 4
bytes then read them. Looking again over the windows
sources (after about 2 months) revealed something I
wasn't aware of. This proves the necessity of a
vacation :) Oh, and btw, I have to restart hotplug
after every unsuccesfull debug... I was innocent
enough thinking I don't have to :(
  I was trying to write 'dddd', because I thought this
is the test I should do. So I was trying to write this
string and if I could read it succesfully, it would be
OK. Wrong!!
  It's true, I have to send an array of 4 bytes, but
this array has to be carefully crafted. Right now I'm
looking over the sources.
  Henning, you keep telling me about the "protocol of
the scanner", "commands" and "registers". Can you
please tell me what they mean? OK, I know this sounds
stupid. I know what a protocol, command or register
is. Back in the good ol' DOS days (well, not so good,
but old for sure) I used to read/write to a specific
port and mess with the device registers (an aquisition
device in my case). I can only make some suppositions.
Please tell me if I'm correct and if I'm on the right
- for the "protocol", I think this is something like:
buffered or direct;
- for commands, I have some "IOCTL functions"
- as for "registers", I really have no idea.
  What I have so far, are some macros (taken from the
windows sources), like IOCTL_GET_VERSION,
They combine information such as acces mode, device
type (fixed as scanner in my case), function. I feel I
can use much of this information. I believe we are
using different words for the same thing. I'm
currently away from my computer (and I'll come back
sunday), so I don't have the chance to test this right
  If somebody can understand my rumble-mumble, please
guide me. I feel lost :) Poor me!
  I think I really need some help, somebody to talk
to. Ronald Humphries, do you read this? If you do have
some spare time, can you please send me a message? I
can't send you the windows sources because I am bound
by an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with Mustek, but
I'm sure we can cut a deal with them to offer you the
same info they gave me...:)

Thank you

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