[sane-devel] Adding hotplug scripts to CVS

Olaf Meeuwissen olaf@epkowa.co.jp
Wed, 03 Mar 2004 10:34:35 +0900

Julien BLACHE <jb@jblache.org> writes:

> Julien BLACHE <jb@jblache.org> wrote:
>> Does everybody agree with that ? I think I'll commit the files
>> tomorrow, then it'll be a matter of filling the libsane.usermap file
>> with a lot of USB product/vendor IDs :)
> It's all done now. tools/hotplug/libsane.usermap is waiting for new
> entries :)

I just took a peek at libusbscanner.  Things for scanner are all nice
and dandy, but I wondered what would/should happen with ownership and
permissions for all-in-one devices.

Let's say I've added an entry to libsane.usermap for the EPSON Stylus
CX5200 and blacklisted it.  I plug it in and the "device node" access
permissions are set to 0660 and ownership to root.scanner.  Fine if I
just want to scan, but how do I print now?

Eh, thinking this through, if I can scan, there does not seem to be a
reason I can't print (unless that requires execute permissions).  But
what if scanner access and printer access rights need to be granted

I haven't really looked at the printer side requirements, so if this
is all totally irrelevant, just say so.  Perhaps we should just tell
whoever needs separately granted access rights to their printers and
scanners to go buy physically separate printers and scanners ;-)

Anyway, just a thought.
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