[sane-devel] Preserve-preview in xsane

Oliver Rauch Oliver.Rauch@Rauch-Domain.DE
Wed, 3 Mar 2004 17:40:37 +0100

Hello Luca,

there is no such function in xsane. I do not see a reason for this functi=
When you close the scan program you normally do not leave
the paper/photo on the scanner. Even if you leave it there can not
be sure that it still is exactly at the same place.


On Wednesday 03 March 2004 11:45, Luca Clemente wrote:
> Hello,
>     I am using sane from many years with the xscanimage interface for w=
> I have found really useful the option "preserve-preview" available to
> preserver the previous preview. We are now switching to the xsane
> interface, but I have not found in the Preferences and neither in the
> configuration file any chance to have the same function. Is anybody abl=
e to
> help me and give me some answer on this matter. Thank you in advance
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