[sane-devel] backends-1.0.14 scsi epson

Klaus Dittrich kladit@t-online.de
Sat, 1 May 2004 18:36:54 +0200

I have an EPSON-1640 with an ADF.

Since I use linux-2.6 which still has trouble with USB I was
forced to use the SCSI-Interface of the scanner.

The last sane-backends version that the scanner works with
is still 1.0.12.

I looked into the code of sane-backends-1.0.14 last day and tried
to find out why it not worked with my scanner _and_ the ADF.

I found that it works again if I comment out in feed()/epson.c

if (SANE_STATUS_GOOD != (status = expect_ack (s)))
  close_scanner (s);
  return status;

return status;

and instead add simple 

expect_ack (s);

expect_ack here always returns 9.

Starting with backend-1.0.13 the sanei_scsi layer has changed
and therefore I assume a bug in the scsi status handling, because
expect_ack() has not changed since sane-backends-1.0.12.

Maybe one of the sanei_scsi developers can help here ?