[sane-devel] Astra 2100U on Mac

David N. Paules dnp@quantumleap.us
Mon, 17 May 2004 13:02:50 -0400

I already know that the UMAX Astra 2100U scanner is not supported =
directly by the SANE project. However, I know for a fact that the =
scanner continues to operate with the drivers supplied by UMAX, even in =
OS 10.3 (Panther). Apple's System Profiler utility even correctly =
reports the scanner model and make and it is plug-n-play.

The problem is that to use the scanner, the scanner software that UMAX =
provided and their driver must operate in Panther's Classic environment. =
Of course, this completely sucks because the driver is crap running on a =
crap OS that is being emulated. Ugh!

If OS X can 'see' the scanner and know that it is a UMAX Astra (even =
without the Classic environment running), why can't the scanner be =
utilized via Panther's Image Capture, TWAIN applications, or the SANE =

I've written UMAX and SilverFast regarding support of the Astra 2100U. =
SilverFast says it is up to UMAX...even they cannot develop support for =
the scanner because they don't have the code. I have the original Mac =
Classic driver (as a binary, not an executable), but I am not a C =
programmer. Who (developer) could I cooperate with to figure this one =
out? I also have the binary versions of the Windows driver (they came =
with the Mac drivers on the same CD), but no access to a Windows box.
I'd be willing to perform tests if someone could tell me what to do.
I live in Delaware, so if there is a developer near Philly or S. New =
Jersey, we could work together on it. I think it'd be fun and I hate =
using the scanner in its current configuration.

Dave Paules