[sane-devel] Umax Astra 4000U

Anne Leader anneleader@earthlink.net
Thu, 27 May 2004 09:14:44 -0700

Hello, list,

Let me apologize up front for being pretty limited in my understanding 
of computer jargon so if I appear completely foolish or have overlooked 
the obvious please bear with me.

I have a Umax Astra 4000U, which was a replacement for a Mustek after a 
construction disaster trashed my computer etc.  I went from a Mac 6500  
OS 8 to just released G4 Quicksilver now at 9.2 an 10.1.5 poised to jump 
to panther.  The umax was always a little buggy at 9.1 but I needed the 
8.5 x 14" flatbed but can't afford the higher end models.  Umax, when I 
enquired, initially said they were developing a driver for the 4000U but 
to this day has not.  I did not see the model listed on the SANE site, 
but since the last update on the web page I have says October,  I was 
hoping something had been developed or there is another driver you have 
developed that is compatible.

Thanks in advance for any help

a leader in the usa