[sane-devel] Using an Officejet 7310 with its ethernet connection?

abel deuring adeuring@gmx.net
Wed, 03 Nov 2004 18:26:15 +0100

Scott wrote:

> According to the product specifications, this sounds like a REALLY nice
> AIO!  However, it seems that it supports connecting to a USB port and 
> that would probably be the best method.  The only other scanners that I could 
> find that have had a workaround for scanning via an ethernet connection
> to a SCSI generic device would be a section of the Sharp series.  An 
> article explaining the process along with links (and likely source code)
> can be found here:
> http://linux.about.com/library/cmd/blcmdl5_sane-sharp.htm

That's a copy of the sane-sharp man page.

> I'm not sure if this will work as HP != Sharp and so the code is likely
> to be different, but I would definately try hooking it up to the USB 
> port first and get it working right there, and then trying the ethernet
> out.  Good luck!

I'm afraid that no scanner supported by the the sane-sharp backend 
provides any ethernet interface, neither does the backend its provide 
any networking support. But the backend can be used like every other 
Sane backend by the saned daemon and its counterpart, the net backend.