[sane-devel] hpoj & officejet 7310 issue: using auto mode

Sunil William Savkar sunil@inthespace.com
Wed, 3 Nov 2004 23:24:33 -0500 (EST)


(1)  Wondering if there is any quick fix for a problem I am having or if
it is in fact a bug:

When setting auto mode in either Xsane or using scanimage with the hpoj
backend for the 7310, I noticed that if I load a few sheets in the ADF the
program correct understands there are pages coming from teh ADF.

However, once the ADF is depleted, the scanner continues to keep
communicating with sane and simply scanning continuously the flatbed

This is odd.  I have tested the HP windows program on my WinXP machine,
and this behavior is not exhibited.

(2)  How can you set the brightness and contrast using the hpoj backend? 
I have looked for both settings, but though I see a contrast setting, it
indicates as being "inactive"?

Again, I love the fact that the latest network officejets are supported by
HPOJ and thus by sane.  Really great stuff.