[sane-devel] Need Driver for Mustek Paragon 1200 SP Pro , SCSI, running Mac OS 9.2

Imhotep A. Ptah imhotep33@qwest.net
Mon, 15 Nov 2004 15:52:57 -0800


I have a Dual 450Mhz PowerPC G4 Macintosh, currently running Mac OS 9.2
I have a Mustek Paragon 1200 SP Pro, SCSI, scanner. Mustek is not supporting
Mac OS 9.2, Does SANE have a driver I can use? If there is a driver
available, please direct me to it.  Also direct me to the step by step
directions on downloading and installing it on my system. I would really
appreciate any detailed help I can get.

Thanks in advance, hope to hear from someone soon.

Imhotep A. Ptah

P.S. I am willing to contact anyone by phone if required.