[sane-devel] Java and Sane

Martin Motovsky mmotovsk@gnome.sk
Tue, 16 Nov 2004 11:26:30 +0100

Dear SANE community,

we would like to inform you, that we are very near to release new 
version of the Morena - Image Acquisition Framework for Java™ Platform. 
Version 6.2 is Twain and SANE compatible. I.e. Java developer can use 
one code to acquire images from the Twain as well as from the SANE drivers.

To acquire an image, few lines of Java code is enough:

// Select a SANE driver

// Or, select a twain driver

//Acquire an image. At this point of code, it is independent,
//if the source is SANE or Twain.

Although Morena is a commercial product, we hope it will find interest 
the SANE community and it helps spread SANE to the Java world. We would 
like to share experiences, advices, tests, etc.

Morena 6.2 beta is not downloadable yet, but we will send it to those 
interested, as an email attachment.

Best regards,
Martin Motovsky