[sane-devel] XSane: Grey-scale and line-art for "color-only" scanners?

Oliver Rauch Oliver.Rauch@Rauch-Domain.DE
04 Oct 2004 15:32:50 +0200

XSane does not allow color->grayscale->lineart transformation.
That is something that all scanners/backends should make available.

I will think about adding such a feature to xsane.


Am Mon, 2004-10-04 um 10.18 schrieb Ullrich Sigwanz:
> Hi all,
> Is there a way to let XSane scan/view/store grey-scale or line-art, 
> when there are only color scan modes for the backend available 
> (as it is with the "niash" backend), 
> or must the backend itself supply 
> at least a grey-scale scan mode.
> Thank you in advance
> Ullrich