[sane-devel] umax_pp slow

Joe Henley joehenley@kc.rr.com
Sun, 10 Oct 2004 15:40:10 -0500

Hi Stef,

Sorry for the delay in responding.  I was out of town on business.

svoltz@wanadoo.fr wrote:
> 	Hello,
> 	I think you should try again ECP. I think the message you get is
> harmless. You can comment it out in the sourcecode before doing tests
> again. 

I'm not sure I understand which message you're referring to.  With the 
BIOS set for ECP, it (scanimage -L 2>log) just runs on without stopping. 
  I have to use ^C to stop it.  Is that the message you refer to?

The BIOS says it's ECP, but Linux doesn't report it that way in the 
/var/log/messages or kernel files.  Very odd!  Even more odd is that I 
run Win4Lin on this machine, using Win98.  I can run Linux running 
Win4Lin, running Win98, running the VistaScan copier program, and it 
runs just fine.  The speed is very good.  So somehow it's figuring out 
to run quickly thru the parallel port.  If I shut down 
VistaScan/Win98/Win4Lin and without rebooting, load up sane and try it, 
it's very slow.  Arrrgh!

Any suggestions?

> 	But until you see ECP mode detected by ythe linux kernel, I'm
> afraid you'll have troubles.
> Regards,
> 	Stef

Joe Henley