[sane-devel] Two xsane-Win32-0.96 annoyancies

Oliver Rauch Oliver.Rauch@Rauch-Domain.DE
10 Oct 2004 22:36:43 +0200

Am Fre, 2004-10-08 um 11.29 schrieb peder:
>  Thanx for a nifty port.
>  I've been happlily using xsane in out school network for a couple of
>  years. We have 5 old linux boxes scattered around the place as scanner
>  servers and the WinXP/Win98-clients use xsane to connect.
>  However there are two issues.
>  The minor one: Is there a technical reason why the program has to
>  be installed to c:\sane? Can't the program search for it's files
>  using perhaps a XSANE variable or in current directory?
>  I like to have the program installed on the server so I can upgrade
>  it for every user and not having to walk around 300+ PC's.
>  This works in 0.90 on Win98 but not on WinXP for some reason.
>  In 0.96 it works on neither.

XSane uses hardcoded paths. This is a usual way on unix systems.
The paths are created while configurating xsane and are compiled in.
When you compile xsane-win32 yourself then you can compile in your own

>  I found out you only have to put some files in c:\sane so I can
>  distribute those every time, so this issue is not a biggie.
>  The major one: In xsane-0.83 and 0.90 I could run
>  'xsane.exe ip-of-scan-server:device'. In 0.96 this doesn't work; I have
>  to add all my servers in net.conf, wait for xsane to "scan for devices"
>  and choose the right one from five nearly identical entries.
>  Maybe I can pick the right one but definitely not my users.
>  Can we please have the scan-server argument back?

The differences between 0.95/0.96 and the previous xsane-win32 versions
are that the new versions are linked against sane-dll, the old versions
were linked agains sane-net.

You have to use the same syntax as in linux:

xsane net:

>  FYI, version 0.90 was much faster than 0.96. I tried them on a
>  400MHz and 0.96 was really sluggish, perhaps due to newer gtk versions.

On my systems I had the feeling that xsane-0.96 is much faster. Do you
use the same settings in preferences and view?