[sane-devel] Xsane Crashes with Epson 4180 Scanner

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning@meier-geinitz.de
Thu, 14 Oct 2004 19:32:05 +0200


On Thu, Oct 14, 2004 at 12:57:19PM -0400, Matt Reuther wrote:
> > Can you show us the "scanimage -L" output, please?
> Here you go:
> device `v4l:/dev/video0' is a Noname Kensington VideoCAM 67014 virtual 
> device
> device `epson:libusb:004:002' is a Epson  flatbed scanner
> [SNIP]

Ok. Just to be safe, comment out "v4l" in dll.conf.

> > Looks like it crashes when handling option resolution. Please run
> > xsane again with SANE_DEBUG_EPSON=255. Does it also happen when
> > scanning with scanimage or other frontends?
> I attached the output of 'xsane' and 'scanimage -vv'. 

The latter one is from v4l not the epson backend. Try again with 
"-d epson" (or comment out v4l in dll.conf).

> The GIMP lets me pick 
> it, but I see a brief flash of a dialog box, and then nothing. The GIMP 
> doesn't crash, it just acts like nothing happened.

If you start gimp from a console window, I guess you would have seen
an error message or even a debug trace.

The log still points to reading the option descriptor but I'm not sure
if it's an xsane or epson backend problem. 

Checking if it happens with scanimage may help.

Try something like
scanimage -d epson -y 50 -x 50 >/tmp/image.pnm 2>log

If it's an xsane problem, setting XSANE_DEBUG=something may also help.
However, that can create "insane" amounts of logs.