[sane-devel] Scanjet 4C - newbie with linux and sane scanning

Dr. Jones drjones@vii.com
Mon, 18 Oct 2004 11:48:08 -0600

I am writing to get some help and pointers and to hopefully avoid the 

I have been running debian 3.0 a while now, but have yet to hook up my 
scanner, which now resides on an older windows machine. It uses the SCSI 
card interface, and works well on my win 98se box; but I want to 
eliminate Windows completely from my network here.

Any suggestions other than to dive in and try it on my machine? I am 
thinking of just installing linux on my current 98se box...and then 
setting up SANE to handle the scanning, hoping that it's not too 
painful. I'd love to hear from others who use a ScanJet 4c device.


Dr. Scott S. Jones
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