[sane-devel] I have the Epson Perfection 2480 and 2580 for testing

Oliver Schwartz Oliver.Schwartz@gmx.de
Fri, 22 Oct 2004 22:41:30 +0200


> - There are long delays between starting the scanner software and
> the GUI opening or the scan beginning. Messages like
> [snapscan] Scanner warming up - waiting 33 seconds
> appear on the console from where the scanning frontend was started.

Did you try reducing the retry counter yet?

> - The biggest problem is that the USB device address (like
> libusb:001:015) changes when the firmware is uploaded, it seems
> that after the upload the scanner is disconnected and then
> reconnected and so it gets a new ID.
> This means that the very first start of a frontend (after
> connecting/turning on the scanner) lets the GUI open, but trying to
> preview of to scan gives "Invalid argument". Comparing the output
> of "lsusb" reveals that the USB device address changed at the
> moment where the firmware upload finished. On subsequent runs of
> scanning frontends the firmware is not uploaded again and so the
> address does not change. So one can scan when one closes the
> frontend and opens it again. Perhaps one should do modifications on
> the "snapscan" backend to take the reconnection/address change into
> account.

It's probably easier to set up a hotplug script that downloads the 
firmware once the scanner is connected. In principle this is possible 
using a modified "acerfirm" from the snapscan website. The biggest 
problem is that acerfirm doesn't work with libusb yet.

It would require a lot of tweakings and workarounds to handle changing 
device files within the SANE architecture framework.

> - The lid of the 2580 is not compatible with SANE. If the lid is in
> use with any of the two lower parts (2480 and 2580) the preview
> does not work. The head moves shortly and the preview is a stripy
> dirty white. Normal scanning does work at least in flatbed mode.
> Switching to the transparency unit makes the frontend freezing.
> Both lower parts work without problems when the lid of the 2480 or
> no lid at all is connected. With the lid of the 2480 one can switch
> to the transparency unit and scan transparent documets correctly.
> Without lid the button for the transparency unit simply does not
> appear.

If there are fundamental differences in the protocol it would help to 
get usb trace from the windows driver.