[sane-devel] Suse-Kernel 2.6.5 and umax astra 1220 S

Wolfram Heider wolframheider@web.de
Tue, 26 Oct 2004 22:59:26 +0200

Am Dienstag, 26. Oktober 2004 22:11 schrieben Sie:
> Wolfram Heider wrote:
> > Hello list,
> >
> > when I recently updated from Suse 8.2 (2.4er kernel)  to Suse 9.1 with
> > kernel 2.6.5, my scanner, a UMAX Astra 1220 S which had worked well
> > troughout all the kernel-versons of the last years, was gone without the
> > slightest trace. scanimage -L, sane-find-scanner and the other little
> > helpers remainend silent about it.
> > Maybe it's not a really sane-problem but a controller-problem.
> yes, it's most likely a problem in the Linux SCSI system. To look for
> SCSI scanners, sane-find-scanner reads /proc/scsi/scsi, and the contents
> of this proc file is "managed" by the SCSI system of the kernel.
> > The controller in use is a Dawicontrol DC-2975-C which connected till now
> > over the sym53c8xx/ncr53c8xx-module.
> > The strange thing is that with the kernel 2.6.1 of the knoppix
> > 3.4-distribution everthing works as usual.
> > The Suse-Kernel still comes with the sym53c8xx-module, but something
> > seems to be wrong with it.
> Are you sure that the sym/ncr53c8xx module is indeed loaded? And if it
> loaded, do you get any error messages in /var/log/messages?
> The sym/ncr53c8xx drivers offer many parameters; perhaps it helps to
> play with some of them. The file
> <kernel source dir>/drivers/scsi/README.ncr53c8xx describes these
> parameters quite detailed.
> Abel

Good evening; Abel

thanks for your quick reply.
The sym53c8xx modul isn't loadde at boottime. When loaded by hand via
 modprobe it takes suspiciously long time to come up - and finanally nothing
 has changed - everthing dead as the cemetry of Chicago. Only lspci gives a
 hint that there is something in the slot.
I'll take your advice and play around a little bit with the driver
 parameters. See you later.

( I first choosed the wrong reply address - sorry)