[sane-devel] Suse9.1, sym53c8xx and umaxscanner, help from Abel

Wolfram Heider wolframheider@web.de
Thu, 28 Oct 2004 04:27:54 +0200

Hello list,

with updating to Suse 9.1 I got a lot of trouble with my scanner, a vernerable 
umax 1220 S, connected via the sym53c8xx module, which had worked absolutely 
flawlessly till then. The module wasn't loaded ast boottime, the scanner 
because of this not regonized. Module loading by hand lasted extremely long 
and unloading wasn't just impossible. The same procedure with additional 
parameters brought but little relief - the scanner remained dead.
I talked about this problem and the problems I faced during the initial setup 
of Suse 9.1, when automatic installation didn't work, because Yast searched 
for a scsi-harddrive that didn't exist (the only client of the controller was 
the scanner), with Abel Deuring. He proposed to focus on the coldplug script 
and to switch it off for tresting. And that was it. There must be something 
considerably wrong in the realm of this script. So I would recommend to 
everyone who also faces the Suse9.1/sym53c8xx-problem and can afford to get 
on without USB-support to deactivate the 
startupscript /etc/init.d/rc5./S02coldplug till the folks at Suse have done 
it better.


Wolfram Heider