[sane-devel] backend coding overview

Ed Suominen general@eepatents.com
Thu, 2 Sep 2004 08:55:32 -0700

Mbosowo I Sampson wrote:

> I'm interested in writing a back end for the 3970. I've been reading
> specs, looking at other back ends, trying to get familiar with sane,
> etc... Its all a little daunting. I feel as though I know more than I did
> a few days ago, but not nearly enough to even begin to know where to
> start. I think what I'm looking for here is a general overview of how sane
> interacts with a USB scanner.=A0=A0I=A0feel=A0like=A0I=A0can't=A0see=A0th=
> I'm preoccupied with studying the composition of bark on each tree. Once I
> have the conceptual part down, I think all the details will fall into
> place as I continue reading the documentation.
> What I'm asking for is a break down of the steps involved for a scan to be
> made. I'm trying to conceptualize how libusb, the driver I will write, the
> front end, and the chip set all interact together to execute a successful
> scan. Doesn't have to be in minute detail, but some detail is always good.

I sure would like to see a response to this post. SANE support for new
scanners (like most all the ones I've wanted to buy but couldn't!) depends =
motivated backend developers like the poster, and it seems (to this outside=
anyhow) that he's asking an excellent question.

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