[sane-devel] Why does XSane set Gamma = 1.0

Ullrich Sigwanz us@bernafon.ch
Fri, 3 Sep 2004 12:22:27 +0200

Hello all, 
Hello Oliver (Rauch) in particular,

I have a (may be silly) question:

Why does XSane set the scanners' Gamma Table to an equivalent Gamma of 1.0
before a preview scan is started?

NIASH scanners work best with a gamma value of 1.6. 
Gamma=1.0 will definitely produce scans that are far too dark.

A workaround is: 
troughing away the feely editable gamma-table in the scanner options and
only offer the analog gamma correction scalar, so that the gamm table cannot
be changed.
But this would take away a degree of freedom, that might be useful for some

On the other hand:
Using the scanner with a gamma that is definitely bad, is also no good idea.
Especially for "Newbies".

Thanks your for your answer