[sane-devel] USBDEVFS_BULK failed errors (2)

Iain Mac Donald iainjunk@freeuk.com
Wed, 08 Sep 2004 11:06:26 +0100

Hello all,

I noticed yesterday that I am having a very similar problem as David
Cook reported "USBDEVFS_BULK failed errors - Epson Perfection 2400

I have an Epson 2450 Photo, USB, kernel 2.6.7-1-686 (though it also
happened with 2.6.6). Strangely my errors only happen when I try to do
multiple scans in quick succession. Errors occur with scanimage or xsane
(batch scanning). 

The first scan always works fine (the reason I haven't noticed it until
now) the next scans then fail. I then have to power off the scanner
(which is what I normally do after a single scan anyway) or unplug the

Other USB devices seem to be working fine (e.g. external hard disc)

scanimage error (after initial successful scan)

scanimage: sane_start: Error during device I/O

syslog output

kernel: usb 1-2: bulk timeout on ep1in
kernel: usb 1-2: usbfs: USBDEVFS_BULK failed ep 0x81 len 1

Is this a kernel issue with USB or a sane issue?

PS - according to your web interface I am subscribed to the mailing list
but I now realise I haven't seen a message for weeks!