[sane-devel] Unknown tables

JKD JKD@JKDSoft.cjb.net
Sun, 12 Sep 2004 17:21:13 +0200

Debugging the windows library that manages my scanner I see that the
first thing the driver does is create six tables with unknown purposes
at the moment. Theese tables are created in the following way.

1 - Loop with 3 iterations. I think one iteration per colour (not sure)
2 - In each iteration, 2 tables are created. All tables have the same
size (0xff0 bytes = 4080.) and contains data of two bytes size (0x7f8 words = 2040.)
3 - The first table in each iteration is filled with zeroes.
4 - The second table in each iteration is filled with 0x7f8 words with value 0x4000 (16384.)

It seems to be minimum values and maximum values for something but I'm
not sure of that. Could anyone have any idea about the purpose of theese
values? Gain values or something else ?. Gamma tables have only 255
posible values and I've located them.

Sincerelly, JKD