[sane-devel] libusb scanner not found

Karl Heinz Kremer khk@khk.net
Mon, 20 Sep 2004 20:51:11 -0400

On Sep 20, 2004, at 12:03 PM, Dan Christian (by way of Dan Christian 
<robodan@idiom.com>) (by way of Dan Christian <robodan@idiom.com>) 

> This used to work (under FC1/2.4), but no longer does under Fedora Core
>  2 (Linux 2.6). I'm running sane-backends-1.0.14-3 on an Athlon (single
> processor).
> [ ... ]
> [epson] sane_init, >usb<
> [epson] sane_init, >usb<
> [epson] attach(usb)
> [epson] SANE Epson Backend v1.5.0ek - 2002-12-02

This is wrong... The version that's in 1.0.14 should report this string:

SANE Epson Backend v0.2.41 - 2004-02-01

Are you sure that you only have one version of Sane installed? I've 
release a version with the version number v1.5.0ek, I have no idea where
this is coming from... I don't have FC2, so I cannot verify this

If the backend is really from 12/02, you will not be able to use it
with a libusb system (which is what every 2.6.x system uses).

Karl Heinz