[sane-devel] EPSON RX 500 USB multi-function device NOW WORKS!!!

Scott gnea@garson.org
Sun, 26 Sep 2004 05:49:34 -0400

Also, using the configure option --prefix=/usr will likely yield the
same result. use like this:
./configure --prefix=/usr

then 'make install' will use /usr and not /usr/local


* metgorna (metgorna@inwind.it) cobbled forth:
> This is what I did...:
> I installed sane-backends 1.0.14 by mdk rpm 
> Harddrake recognized my scanner as Epson RX500 flatbed scanner
> Downloaded CVS version of sane-backends:
>  To use anonymous CVS, use the following commands (just press enter when
> asked for the password): 
>   cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.alioth.debian.org:/cvsroot/sane login 
>   cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.alioth.debian.org:/cvsroot/sane co sane-backends
> Built all: ./configure, make (not 'make install', it uses /usr/local instead of RPM /usr)
> Copied :
> sane-backends/backend/libsane-epson.la
> sane-backends/backend/.libs/libsane-epson.la
> sane-backends/backend/.libs/libsane-epson.so
> sane-backends/backend/.libs/libsane-epson.so.1
> sane-backends/backend/.libs/libsane-epson.so.1.0.14
> in /usr/lib/sane/ (overwrite all)
> Try scanimage or xsane or kooka... NOW WORKS!!! ;-)
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