[sane-devel] Nikon LS 5000

Ariel Garcia garcia at iwr.fzk.de
Mon Aug 15 14:26:10 UTC 2005


> Finally my request for the NDA was accepted by Nikon i was told (took 3
> months because i didn't request it under a company hood)  so i should
> get the specs "soon". I also have the scanner so i hope to be able to
> get it working  ;-)  (hope is the last thing you should loose, right? 
> ;-) But i don't promise any timeframe because holidays are already
> scheduled :->

just to let u know, i am still waiting for the sdk CD from nikon.... :-(
My request had been approved but somehow the papers got lost _before_ they 
manged to send me anything (person in charge left, etc) so they told me to 
resend the request and now the relevant person is on holidays... 
arghhhhh! :-@

Cheers, Ariel

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