[sane-devel] Plustek hangs on OS/2 - part II

Gerhard Jaeger gerhard at gjaeger.de
Mon Aug 15 15:06:09 UTC 2005

Hi Paul,

On Tuesday 09 August 2005 12:27, Paul Smedley wrote:
> Oh & I forgot to mention - in the logs that 'beep' there's a return code 
> (32772) from usbbulkread that says 'less data than requested returned'. 
>   In this case, 1 byte was requested and 0 returned.....  log excerpt 
> below shows what the backend does when this occurs.
> [sanei_usb] sanei_usb_read_bulk: rc = 32772
> [plustek] UIO error
> [plustek] Calibration file-name set to:
> [plustek] >E:\tcpipapp\home/.sane/Canon-N670U_N676U_LiDE20.cal<

I also got this UIO error sometimes here on my linuxboxes, but they don't
seem to disturb. Well in the meantime, I tried to figure out, when this
UIO error occurs. In the end it only occurs during power-up of the scanner,
directly after pluging it in. So I did some changes to the setup procedure
and managed to make these UIO errors disappear on my boxes.

Could you please checkout the latest CVS stuff and test on your OS/2 box?


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