[sane-devel] Scanning for VistA/ADF-scanner

m. allan noah anoah at pfeiffer.edu
Thu Aug 18 13:44:31 UTC 2005

On Wed, 17 Aug 2005, Wolfram Heider wrote:

> Guiseppe,
> Nancy meanwhile chose a Brother MFC 5440 CN (multi-functional device - cheap
> but.... hmhm) and seems to be happy with it.
> Since ADF-scanners are of growing importance in daily work (not only in huge
> digitalization-projects as that of google) and there probably is a broader
> interest for it here is a short survey of the results of the quick inquiry I
> made to be able to give her some advice - only pure ADFs no MFDs and only
> models currently available in store:
> as you said, Fujitsu is a good address for scanners of this type. There are
> really expensive models but also two ones in the affordable region:  the
> Fujitsu 5110C and the 4120C (pricing from 600 to 1000 Dollars). Sane-support
> is basic and as far I can see the maintainer of the backend Allan Noah is
> working on further improvement.

the 4120C2 is better at recovering from usb errors than the 4120C, which 
has been discontinued. i also find the newer unit to be slightly faster in 
my app (20 ppm vs 19). all lower-end fujitsus have a 'fax machine' type 
top-feed adf. this does seem to have more jams than the tray-feed style.
the 5110C has rubber rollers in places that the 4120c has plastic, 
which seems to help a little.

i have been looking at the panasonic KV-S2026C lately. i like the paper 
path better than the fujitsus, but sane support seems minimal for more 
advanced features. similar price to the 4120C2. have not actually tried it 


> Then: Avision. The AV 600U, AV 610 and  the AV 220 (pricing from 400 to 700
> dollars) are rated good or even complete in sane-support.
> Finally one may consider an Epson 3170 with an
> additional offered 30-sheet-ADF-unit (total price 500 dollars) - supported by
> iscan.
> Maybe there are some more but surely not very much.
> Hope this may of any help for those looking out for ADFs running under sane.
> Greetings
> Wolfram Heider
> Am Dienstag, 16. August 2005 14:46 schrieb Giuseppe Sacco:
>> Hi Nancy,
>> I think your question already appeared on this list so you might have a
>> look at the list archives.
>> Il giorno sab, 13/08/2005 alle 09.44 -0400, Nancy Anthracite ha scritto:
>> [...]
>>> All this leads up to my question.  We have some volunteers working on
>>> developing the software to do that scanning now, and we are looking for a
>>> cross platform solution.  We feel that using SANE is the logical choice,
>>> but we need some help choosing a scanner or group go scanners that can be
>>> used from both Windows and Linux and maybe even eventually with OS X as
>>> seamlessly as possible using SANE.  We would like to choose scanners that
>>> have sheet feeders, and ideally, a range of scanners from high speed
>>> business to very small business type for no more than a $200. Having
>>> scanners that are easy to get running properly is much more important
>>> than having a wide range of choices.
>> [...]
>> Anyway I had very bad experiences using SANE on Windows with cheep
>> scanners, mainly because these scanners require the libusb library. This
>> library is working very well on linux but is absolutely not stable (at
>> least for uwing it with SANE) on Windows.
>> About scanner with ADF support, you might want to try the fujitsu (they
>> have both USB and SCSI interface) and they are well supported by SANE,
>> but they are expensive compared to what you asked.
>> Regards,
>> Giuseppe

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