[sane-devel] genesys backend

Pierre Willenbrock pierre at pirsoft.dnsalias.org
Thu Aug 18 23:38:38 UTC 2005

Jens Luedicke schrieb:
> On 8/15/05, Pierre Willenbrock <pierre at pirsoft.dnsalias.org> wrote:
>>[proposed changes to slope generation]
>>I attached the code i am using.
> Could you create a patch for use with current CVS?
> I tried to apply your code, but some things don't work out for me and
> I'm not a developer and not familiar with the API + changes.

With anonymous cvs working again i can now provide a patch against
current cvs.

genesys_slope.diff.gz (gzipped) contains the changes to slope
generation(against current cvs).

If you want to test on a gl646 based scanner, you will probably need to
(largely) tweak the values in the motor structs in genesys_devices.c to
get it to work(if you get it to work at all, the exposure time and
assumed step count in gl646 code may be completely wrong).
I was unable to derive good numbers from the code alone. All step times
are for full steps, even when used for half or quarter step mode. The
code currently does the needed shifting for times and step count.
I did not change anything inside genesys_gl646.c, mainly because i do
not own a scanner with this chip.

The attached code in my last mail was not meant to be complete, i
attached it for clarification.

For a partly working Canon LiDE 35 you will need to apply
genesys_gl841.diff.gz (gzipped) to experimental cvs. The patch already
contains the slope generation code. Only color mode is working
currently. And not even bugfree.

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