[sane-devel] About dll backend

kenwhale kenwhale at 21cn.com
Fri Aug 19 10:29:15 UTC 2005

 >>Nicer (and the default) is the case where the dll backend is linked as
 >>a shared library to the frontend and the dll backend loads backends
 >>with dlopen (on demand). This way you just have to add your backend
 >>library to /usr/lib/sane (or whereever it's found) and add the name of
 >>your backend to dll.conf.
 >>  Henning
	So,Is there any dll backend I can link to?Or I need write it myself?
	If there are some dll backend which can open all available backends on 
runtime,how can they do this ? Open every backend and call it's 
sane_get_devices() ?
	Thanks a lot.....

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