[sane-devel] Mustek ScanExpress A3 USB

Jonathan Hipkiss jonathan at hipkiss.org
Sat Aug 20 14:19:11 UTC 2005


Has anybody had any problems with scanning at 600 dpi. It scans fine 
until about 350mm and then it sits still. When the image comes out it 
looks OK up to 350mm length (full width) and then it's random noise in 
the pic, up to its full size (about the remaining 5%).

If I scan at 300dpi, everything is fine.

I've tried limiting the size with:

-l 0..297mm [0]
Top-left x position of scan area.
-t 0..433mm [0]
Top-left y position of scan area.
-x 0..297mm [297]
Width of scan-area.
-y 0..433mm [433]
Height of scan-area.

But it ignores what I enter and only scans to about 150mm length and 
again I just get noise for the remainder 80%.

Any ideas?



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