[sane-devel] Problem with HP8200 scanner

Rene Rebe rene at exactcode.de
Mon Aug 22 09:10:14 UTC 2005

Henning Meier-Geinitz wrote:

>>I'm running Slackware 10.1 with a kernel.  I just bought the HP8200
>>scanner, becuase the avision support says "good".  However, I can't get it
>>to work.  I'm not sure if it the problem lies with sane or usb or elsewhere.
> I don't know why the avision backend can't talk to that scanner but
> there is also an external backend that claims to support it:
> http://www.cyberbaladeur.fr/telechargement.html

This looks very binary only. My driver should support the device - but 
so far I think only the SCSI variant was tested. But the SCSI variant 
works perfectly and is in production use by people.

If USB support for this model has issues they should be easy to fix.


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