[sane-devel] Help with Lineart mode

Henning Meier-Geinitz henning at meier-geinitz.de
Thu Aug 25 15:22:30 UTC 2005


On Thu, Aug 25, 2005 at 04:59:50PM +0530, Mohit Kumar wrote:
>  Sorry for asking a trivial question, but being a newbie to the world of 
> SANE, I hit roadblocks pretty quickly one after the other.
>  I am working with a HP ScanJet 6200C.
>  I wanted to set the Lineart mode for the scanner. (Lineart according to my 
> context should mean monochrome.)
>  However, when I set mode = Lineart and depth =1, assiging depth gives me an 
> inval error.
> Setting mode = Grayscale and depth = 1, assigning depth fived me an 
> unsupported error.
>  What am I doing wrong?

Which frontend do you use? Maybe Lineart implies 1 bit/pixel and the
option is just deactivated in this case?

"scanimage --mode Lineart --help" should show if depth is inactive or
which options you have.


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